Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Know Thine Enemy

Gone are the days when sheltering children from knowledge about evil could protect them from it. That knowledge is far too ubiquitous (whether or not you have Internet access) to bar its influence by denying its existence. Know thine enemy. Know what forms it takes, and where and how it operates. But don't be foolish and get cozy with it. Don't be on speaking terms with it. With that said, a look inside yourself is needed for full security. If you ever begin to set your heart on the wrong things, then you don't need evil in your life in order to mess it up, you can do that all by yourself (as in the Ensign article, Tangled In the Web, Aug. 2001, 48). No inappropriate content needs to be perused; a preoccupation with things that you do not cherish, at the expense of what you do cherish, is enough. The drawbridge to your castle lies not so much at the keyboard, as at lies in your heart.

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